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Adobe Target API NodeJS Server

As part of our internal initiative to increase Brooks Bell's efficiency, I saw great value in creating a piece of software that would allow easy communication, automation, and interaction with Adobe Target, one of the primary tools in the day-to-day business. I used NodeJS and ExpressJS to create a web application that would authenticate via JSON Web Tokens. The authentication mechanism is handled by the web application, allowing our team to quickly and easily utilize the API via numerous pieces of software.

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Click Summit Conference Microsite

Serving as our dedicated internal marketing developer, I was commissioned by Brooks Bell's marketing team to create a modern website to better reflect the cutting-edge, revolutionary nature of our annual Click Summit conference. The marketing team's requirements included building the front-end site, making it responsive, integrating it with WordPress, and making all content easily updateable for team members without coding backgrounds, via the built-in WordPress user interfaces.

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WebStats Chart Library

As a hobby project, I have developed a JavaScript library that supports drawing different types of charts using the HTML canvas element. The library is capabale of generating responsive bar charts, pie charts, etc.

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GitHub Profile

I've created and contributed to several repositories on GitHub.


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Philips Hue Python Controller App

I've created a front-end graphical interface for my Philips Hue light system using the phue and wxPython libraries. The app makes use of threading, classes, and the wxPython graphical framework to control multiple Philips Hue lights.

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Rebel CommonSpot Microsite

As part of the Rebel 53 staff, I was tasked with creating a microsite in CommonSpot: the university's content management system. I was required to attend CommonSpot training in order to gain access to the CMS. This was the first time Rebel Magazine had its own page on the university's website. The microsite also has an archive of all of the Rebel magazine covers going back to the early 70s. The site is still being utilized today by the most recent Rebel staff.

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ImageJ Poster

This is a poster I created and presented as a Fellow at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Durham, NC. As a fellow, I worked closely with the Laboratory of Signal Transduction to create plug-ins for a piece of software created by the National Institutes of Health called ImageJ. The Java ImageJ Plug-ins added new capabilities for processing images that were created by various pieces of advanced microscope equipment, including confocal and laser-scanning microscopes.

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Computer Vision Experiments

I've previously held a job in image processing/computer vision at NIEHS. I found a keen interest in image processing algorithms. In my spare time, I have been experimenting the with OpenCV library's Python bindings.

OpenCV Experiment

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